The Key to Proper Essential Oil Use is Dilution

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As aromatherapy and the use of essential oils grow so does the amount of advice that isn’t always the best. When I first started using essential oils almost 20 years ago I made my own mistakes, I am also blessed that I never experienced any adverse reactions or became sensitized. I knew to dilute the oils because they are a strong concentration of plant material, but I didn’t know all the details. Dilution is the key to using them safely and obtaining their true therapeutic properties.

I knew to only use a few drops, but I didn’t know about diluting them in a proper carrier. One of my favorite oils 20 years ago was rosemary. My son often suffered from respiratory issues and while reading Valerie Ann Worwood’s book The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy (the 1st edition) I learned that rosemary may help. A few things that I didn’t realize were rosemary essential oils have different chemotypes which dictate the proper use. There are cautions that should be taken with each chemotype. I also didn’t know about the proper carriers, I would often give him a bath with Epsom salts and just a few drops of rosemary. My common sense should have screamed oil and water don’t mix. To properly dilute essential oils for a bath you must use something like, coconut oil or milk (a fat) to help disperse the rosemary in the bath water.

In today’s world of meme’s and photos providing us our education many details are missed. When it comes to using essential oils and herbs a meme can not properly provide cautions. These tidbits of information and lack of information are causing increased injuries from the improper use of essential oils.

My mantra now is dilute, dilute, dilute! Whether I am working with people or animals it is important to dilute the essential oils and make sure that you are using a carrier that will disperse the oils correctly.

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