Essential Oil Safety Second Edition – Book Review

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Essential Oil Safety Second Edition

By Robert Tisserand & Rodney Young

Churchill Livingstone Elsevier Copyright 2014


As a lay person simply looking at this book can be intimidating. However, if you are going to embark into the fascinating world of essential oils it is important to either purchase this book or have access to it. This is not a book you will sit down to read cover to cover, unless you enjoy chemistry and lots of technical jargon. This is a large reference manual intended to provide users of essential oils with a comprehensive place to find safety information.


The beginning part of this book provides detailed information about what an essential oil is, the chemical composition and the things that can adversely affect the therapeutic properties. There are also chapters on the individual body systems: the skin, respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, digestive, nervous, and reproductive system. The authors have broken down how the systems work and how essential oils will work or react within the system. Due to the sensitive nature of cancer there is dedicated chapter to safety issues for this concern.


The remaining portion of the book includes profiles for 400 different essential oils and 206 chemical constituents. As an example, there are just over two pages (325-328) dedicated to information on Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia). In looking at the information provided we can see that the top two constituents are linalool or linalyl acetate. We can then turn to pages 584-588 and learn what other essential oils contain linalool and all sorts of information about this constituent including that it is not considered a skin sensitizer.


We are fortunate in this day to have such a detailed guide available. This book gives you a good starting point for research about the safety considerations of an essential oil.

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