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Update April 2017 – I am currently redesigning my webpage, please feel free to explore some of my old articles and check back for new updates!

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I am a curious, introverted person that loves reading and knowing about the history of our nation especially when it comes to our health care and food system. Our access to information through technology is enormous. I enjoy exploring the stories that are shared and working to decide the healthiest way for my family and I to move forward. Throughout this blog I will share my personal thoughts on current events as well as the steps that my family and I have taken to slow down and get back to basics. I hope that my readers will be encouraged to share responsible insight as well as go out and enjoy this beautiful planet we all share.

A passion that has developed over the years is holistic medicine/health. I began practicing yoga and aromatherapy in 2000 and have enjoyed the balance and comfort that it gives me.  As much as I have attempted to stay away from politics studying holistic medicine has expanded my view of the importance of our constitution as well as the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to our health. Many of the things that are occurring in our government these days affect our basic ability to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Within the back to basic section I will explore everything from the constitution to gardening. All of this will be in hopes of encouraging people to live a life more connected with nature and our food sources and maybe a little less connected to our electronic devices.

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